Inuyasha-Evanescence Lies

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Inuyasha-Evanescence Lies

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    Uploaded: Aug-24-06 (123 months ago)
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Kaotix 115 months ago   (reply)


funny i cant see the vid the song is awesome! raved
Edited by Kaotix 115 months ago

big_papa_g 118 months ago   (reply)



catcat953 118 months ago   (reply)


that rocked

marianimestar 119 months ago   (reply)


who sings this were can i find it.... its sooooooooooooooooooo pretty.kool and u made the vid match th song AWSOME JOB!!!

InuyashaLov1 123 months ago   (reply)


i lov dis song!!and the clip^^

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