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Discover Our 3D Virtual World

Kaneva blurs the line between the offline and online world in a 3D virtual world where the virtual you is an extension of the real you. A truly unique online experience, Kaneva brings web profiles and entertainment to life. Join the free 3D virtual world full of real friends and good times

An online Virtual World to Make Your Own

In our online virtual world, you can invent your 3D avatar that’s as unique and stylish as you are. Decorate your free 3D home with your favorite photos and patterns. And with Kaneva’s 3D virtual world, you can enjoy your favorite videos, photos, and music on your 3D TV. The world’s more fun with friends! Invite yours and meet up in our online virtual world for 3D events, chats, and more!

Jump in and play! Join Kaneva’s 3-D virtual world.